Weidmannsche Verlagsbuchhandlung GmbH

Founded in Frankfurt by Moritz Georg Weidmann

Publishing activities in Leipzig, especially through Philipp Erasmus Reich. People refer to him as the nation‘s principle book trader

Publishing activity in Berlin, Dublin and Zurich through the publishing family Reimer

Take over by Georg Olms – Hildesheim, Zurich, New York

Presentation of the works of Pierre de Coubertin as commissioned by the International Olympic Committee during the plenary assembly of the IOC in Geneva

Publication of the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm research edition in 44 volumes and other standard works of well-known authors

Jubilee celebration, 325 years of Weidmann

Ceremonial act during the 1986 session of the IOC. The publishers of the Pierre de Coubertin Edition, Dr. W. Georg Olms and Dr. Eberhard Mertens, hand over the Coubertin presentation box to the President of the IOC Juan Antonio Samaranch

History of the Georg Olms AG


Moritz Georg Weidmann

Philipp Erasmus Reich
The Palais of the Weidmannsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Berlin

Prof. Dr. L. E. Schmidt and the editors of the Grimm research editionat the office of Olms Arabian Stud